If you’ve recently started wearing hearing aids, or you’ve been advised to think about using hearing aids and you’re looking forward to your fitting, it’s useful to learn about hearing aid batteries. Hearing aids are powered by small button batteries, and just as there are multiple types of hearing aid styles, there are also several different batteries. If you’re unsure which batteries to buy, or you’re looking for tips to prolong battery life, hopefully, you’ll find this guide helpful.

About hearing aid batteries

Some hearing aids have rechargeable batteries, but the majority use single-use batteries, which have to be replaced regularly. The lifespan of a battery is usually around five to eight days, but there are variations depending on which devices you use. Larger batteries that are used to power more basic devices will last longer than smaller batteries for advanced hearing aids that have a host of features and settings. When you have your hearing aids fitted, a hearing instrument specialist will show you how to change your batteries. Once you get used to living with hearing aids, you’ll be able to do this very quickly with minimal effort. Most hearing aid batteries that are used today are zinc-air batteries. These batteries produce power when the zinc reacts with the air to form zinc oxide.

Which battery should I choose?

Hearing aid batteries are color-coded according to their size. Your hearing instrument specialist will be able to recommend battery sizes based on the type of hearing aid you have. There are four standard hearing aid battery sizes:

  • 675: Blue
  • 13: Orange
  • 312: Brown
  • 10: Yellow

If you’re ever unsure about which battery to order, don’t hesitate to call a hearing instrument specialist and ask for advice.

Storing your hearing aid batteries

It’s advisable to keep at least one spare battery in your hearing aid case, in the event you need to change the battery while out and about. Store any additional hearing aid batteries in a dry, safe place that isn’t too hot or cold. We recommend a drawer or a cupboard. Avoid extreme temperatures and moist environments.

Tips to extend the lifespan of your hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid batteries only usually last around a week, but you can extend the lifespan slightly by following these simple steps:

  • Don’t remove the protective tab until you’re ready to insert the new battery: all zinc-air batteries have a protective tab, which should remain in place until you’re ready to replace the old battery. If you take the seal off, the zinc inside the battery will start to react with the oxygen in the air, and the battery will begin to drain. For optimum results, wait five minutes between removing the tab and placing the new battery.
  • Turn your hearing aid off when not in use: when you’re not using your hearing aids, make sure you turn the power off.
  • Wash your hands before replacing the battery: it’s imperative to try and keep your hearing aids as clean as possible, so try and make sure you wash and dry your hands before changing the battery. This will ensure no moisture or debris gets into the battery chamber.
  • Open the battery door when you take your hearing aids out at night.
  • Take the battery out if you’re not going to use your hearing aid for an extended period of time: if you’re not going to be using your hearing aids for a prolonged period, take the battery out. This will help to lower the risk of corrosion.

When to change your hearing aid batteries

Most hearing aids will give you a signal or sign when your battery is running low. It’s best to change the battery before it’s completely drained. Your hearing instrument specialist will be able to show you how to replace the battery, and if you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to give them a call. If you have any problems with your hearing aids, for example, they’re not turning on, or the sound is muffled, always check the batteries first. If you’ve got a new battery and you’re still having troubles, seek advice, as you may need hearing aid repairs.

Buying replacement batteries

If you’d like advice about buying replacement batteries or you have questions about which brands or sizes of batteries are best, we will be happy to help. We can recommend products based on the style of hearing aid you have.

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