Patient Testimonials


About a year ago, I was waiting for a few months for Signia Active Pro hearing aids to arrive in the U.S., after seeing them announced at the CES2021 show. Finally, Signia hooked me up with AA Hearing aid Center in Stamford, where Alex let me demo the hearing aids for two weeks, which I thought was awesome. The hearing aids themselves are incredible the frequency compression capability allows me to hear the birds in the morning. The Bluetooth streaming although not flawless when two devices using the Bluetooth are nearby is very good. I can listen to music, have team meetings and still hear the outside world easily. As far as AA hearing, Alex and his family are very personable and are a pleasure to deal with. They have me come by to check up every few months and clean the hearing aids if necessary. The last time I was in the charging case for the hearing aids were giving me issues and they arranged a replacement quickly.

Andrew Z. – Norwalk, CT

I purchased several hearing aids elsewhere but they really didn’t help me hear where I wanted to hear better. When I came to AA Hearing Aid Center I got a pair of hearing aids that really helped me hear better. David and Lisa treated me like family and I feel like for the first time, I had partners that shared my hearing concerns.

Hazel M.

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 15 years and David has helped each time I needed/wanted to hear better. I never felt like I was sold a hearing aid because David and Lisa took the time to explain the new technology and the benefits it would give me. They were able to fine tune the hearing aids and when I came in for adjustments they always solved whatever difficulty I was having with my hearing.

Joan O.