When it comes to ensuring you get the best possible treatment for hearing loss, you want to make sure you choose the right professional. There are multiple types of hearing health professionals, each qualified and trained to do different things. It’s not uncommon at all for someone to have their hearing tested or to be recommended a hearing aid without knowing what qualifications the provider has or what services they’re licensed to offer.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the differences between hearing instrument specialists and hearing aid dispensers and what, exactly, they’re able to do for you.

About hearing instrument specialists

Hearing instrument specialists are trained to provide comprehensive services related to hearing aid selection, fittings and repairs. While it varies by states, hearing instrument specialists have to complete a certified course that focuses on the different types and features of hearing aids. They also undergo training to help them understand how to test hearing and work to find the best solution for each individual’s needs.

They are well-versed when it comes to anything related to hearing aids, which makes them an invaluable tool when it comes to finding the right device for your needs. They will educate you extensively on what style of device you need, including the following types:

  • In the ear (ITE)
  • Behind the ear (BTE)
  • In the canal (ITC)
  • Completely in canal (CIC)
  • Invisible in canal (IIC)

A hearing instrument specialist will work with you to determine the best device for your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss needs.

About hearing aid dispensers

Hearing aid dispensers have a slightly more limited role to play in your hearing health journey. Primarily, their sole purpose is to perform hearing tests to find out more about your hearing loss in order to help you select, buy and fit hearing aids. They are not trained or licensed to help with your hearing health in any other ways.

Hearing aid dispensers complete some additional training. In most states, they’re required to have a high school diploma. They will then go through two years of college or training course, teaching them how to perform hearing tests and sell hearing aids. After this, they will have to go through an exam in order to earn their license.

Why should you consider a hearing instrument specialist?

A hearing instrument specialist is going to be able to continue to serve you long after you select your hearing aids and have them fitted. Hearing instrument specialists don’t just sell hearing aids, they offer a guiding hand throughout; your hearing health journey. As such, they can help you learn a lot more about the different options available, ensure the best possible fitting and help you learn everything you need to know about wearing, using, adjusting and getting used to your hearing aid. When you begin wearing hearing aids for the first time, it can be overwhelming to hear all the sounds you have been missing out on. Which is why a hearing instrument specialist will help you determine a schedule to follow to grow accustomed to your new devices. They can also provide fine-tuning and small adjustments following your initial fitting to ensure you get the most out of your devices.

They’re also equipped to help carry out a wide range of repairs on your hearing aid. If you have any issues with your device, they may be able to help you get it back to normal within a single session. And to help you prevent hearing aid repairs, your specialist will also teach you the appropriate ways to clean and maintain your devices.

Learn more about what a hearing instrument specialist can do for you today

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