For those in need of a hearing aid in these modern times, rechargeable options have become increasingly popular over recent years, and it is easy to appreciate why. They are, after all, especially useful if you are on the go and you live a particularly busy life, and they are the kind of hearing product which people had been dreaming of for many years prior to now. It seems as though they are only going to become more popular in the next few years too. So, with that in mind, it might be helpful to know what the best rechargeable hearing aids might be, so that you have a much clearer choice open to you. Let’s take a look at some of the best options now.

Two types

Before we get into the specific hearing aids that you might be considering, it is best to first briefly discuss the two major types of rechargeable hearing aid that are out on the market today. These are essentially defined by two types of rechargeable systems, one being the silver-zinc option and the other being lithium-ion. The silver-zinc ones have been around for many years, and are really the traditional kind of rechargeable hearing aid that you might have come across before. Many modern silver-zinc hearings aids now have easily rechargeable options, where you simply slide it into a tray to recharge. Nonetheless, the batteries still do degrade over time to some degree.

The other main type, and the much more modern one, is the lithium-ion type. With this kind of battery, you have a quicker charge, less degradation over time, a longer-lasting charge, and they don’t deteriorate as a result of partial charging. However, they are not possible to switch out in the hearing aid itself, as you often can with other types of battery. Still, it’s good to know the differences.


One of the most popular modern rechargeable hearing aids has to be this lithium-ion one from Phonak, itself a hugely popular brand out there today. The phonak audeo marvel is their premium product right now, and it also happens to be the world’s first hearing aid made for use with Android and iPhones. It comes in three different models, depending on need: Audeo R, Audeo RT and Bolero P-R. With this hearing aid, you have to charge it for three hours for a full day’s use, so overnight charging is always going to be more than enough to see you through the day. The battery itself lasts around six years, making this quite an economical option for many. However, you have to pay extra for a large charger as that comes separately.


Another well-loved and highly trusted brand in the world of rechargeable hearing aids right now is Signia. They have many options to choose between, including a receiver in canal, a behind the ear and their popular ultra-option, the styletto connect. With that product in particular, you can get 19 hours of use on one charge, which is one of the better batteries out there. That charge takes around three hours, so it’s pretty economical. However, the battery will run at only 80% after about three years, which is quite a fast degradation for a lithium-ion battery.

ReSound quattro

This is a brand-new kind of rechargeable hearing aid, only just released at the end of 2019, and it is fast becoming a popular option around the world. It does indeed have a range of benefits that work to sell it well, including up to thirty hours of time after only a three-hour charge, and it comes with a portable charger allowing for six days of cable-free charging. The battery lasts around four years, and after then will run at 80% capacity, so similar to some of the others above.


This is unlike any other kind of rechargeable hearing aid; in that it uses induction charging so that the piece is always being charged – and it looks to be incredibly effective compared to many of the other batteries out there that you might find on hearing aids. A three-hour charge gives you 26 hours of use, so strong. However, it does not support cable-free charging on the go, which has become very important for many people in recent years.

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